Story telling 2 - Our second album (part2)

(...) So to meet Donald SMITH i went to Harlem at the St NICKS pub. It was a great place for jazz, where people like Gregory PORTER  were also singing when they were to enter the NYC scene, Unfortunately,  i think the place is closed now.

With Donald, we shake hands for the session, i grab his land line and we set up the details. I had to call him on a certain day at a certain time, every week, to be sure to catch him (no cellphone man!).

Unfortunately due to some late minutes issues, Donald will not be able to make the session, i will replace him wit a very good singer / trombonist called Saunders SERMONS. The session was very nice, a pure merge of jazz, groove and Latin feels. That is due to all the musicians that were there and I thank them for that (see part one for all the names).

The session occurred in the studio of a member of the band Electric Light Orchestra in Jersey,  it  was engineered by Paul Wickliffe.  I recall during the breaks and the mix,  when Paul was telling me about the  Elvin JONES sessions he recorded and also the day,  when Nile RODGERS asked him to book his studio for one year!

That album will be Gilles PETERSON's album of the week on twitter in 2010! (how was twitter at that time!). Thanks to Vincent QUITTARD that pushed the record to Gilles and LEFTO. Heavenly sweetness label will distribute the record, that will be also album of the week on TSF (special thanks Jean charles DOUKHAN, David KOPERHANT and Franck DESCOLONGES ).

I am sure i forget names that were part of that album and also part of its promo, I am sorry for that.I ll try to mention all the names that were part of The RONGETZ Foundation's adventure in the next episodes. 

In the 3rd chapter of that, suspenseful story telling !  we will write about our recording with Gregory PORTER and how The RONGETZ Foundation was  one of the last session at the Tony BENNETT studio.