Story telling 3 (1) - With Gregory PORTER - Brooklyn butterfly sessions

If i recall correctly, for our 3rd album it all  started in 2010.

I felt in love with a very nice studio in Englewood (NJ) that was an old train station and also Tony BENNETT's family studio. It was located not that far from The blue note - Van GELDER - studios that were in Englewood cliffs (NJ).

I decided to record the music first and went for another dream team. Jerome JENNINGS brought once again is talent on the drums, the gifted Corcoran HOLT - that plays in Kenny GARRET's band -  was on the accoustic bass, as Jeremy BRUN was strongly completing the rythm section.

For the horns, i contacted Bruce WILLIAMS that was superbly  playing with Roy Hargrove in  the RH Factor and also the major Baritone sax player, Ronnie CUBER. You can hear him  - playing the intro -  with the Charles Mingus Big band on the video link below (play it loud!)

I would complete the horn section on trumpet.

Not getting into details, there were  some tensions at some points  during the session. Weirdly, it led to some powerful solos from Bruce and Ronnie and also to  a very consistent work from the rythm section.

Those tensions can sometimes arise when you bring strong characters into a session but if you are lucky and if you manage those moments accordingly, you might end up with a "non-plain" interpretation of your music, which happens to be not that far from the main goal of a recording!