Story telling 1 - Our first recording! (1)

We decided, in order to create an intense and unsustainable drama, around the release of our 5th album in march 2016,  to tell the story of each of our four precedent albums. We will try to focus on positive souvenirs, meaning you will not know which musicians were late at the sessions!

So let's start where it all begun our album recorded in  Paris (Meudon), in 2007 -  "First step".

End of summer 2006, I walk into Lyon's best vinyl records shop, aka "SOFA records". I am not a digger but sometimes, you know, i pay random visits. Opening the door, I see my old university mate, Antoine RAJON. He was at the time living in Paris so it was quite a coincidence to meet him there, (Antoine would  then say it was more the choice of the spirits than a coincidence,  but anyway... ).  At a time, when wearing a reverse Kangol cap was still trendy,  Antoine introduced me to some Chet BAKER (japan imports) and to some  Boo-ya tribe rap music. After a quick chat, we decide to go for a drink and  to listen, in my car,  to compositions i have, ready. Several weeks after, we were   booking  a studio to record the first session of   - The RONGETZ Foundation - .

Antoine introduced me to John BETSCH, most known for his work with the Strata east label and his collaborations with Steve LACY, Mal WALDRON,  to Peter GIRON  that worked with Charles EARLAND, Luther ALLISSON, David LIEBMAN  and  to a versatile percussionist named Arnold MOUEZA. On my side I asked Benjamin DEVIGNE, an old fellow from Metropolitan jazz affair and Benoit BAUD that i met at the conservatory,  to join the band, the  line up was ready.