Story telling 2 - Our second album (NYC) - Broken doll beat (part1)

I landed in NYC in 2009, I didn't know any musician there but i was really excited with the possibilities of the Jazz scene.

I composed some music until spring 2010 and then decided to gather some great musicians.

I always wanted to play with Harry Whitaker so i decided to go and find him. After some inquiries i ended up in a pizzeria on Houston street (NYC) called Arturo's ( a very good one btw), someone had told me that Harry used to play there. When i arrived at the restaurant, some regular customers reminded themselves of Harry but it looked like he didn't play there, for like a year. Days after i went to the Small's (NYC jazz club) where the door man told me that Harry had some health issues but that he might be interested in recording a session. He proposed me to pass the scores to Harry and  to introduce me to him, it was beginning of November 2010, Unfortunately Harry passed away on the 17th of that month.

Rethinking the project, i decided to gather a mix of experimented and young musicians around Dave SCHNITTER, who recorded several albums on the MUSE label and who is featured on the "Black renaissance" record. He was also for 5 years the tenor sax of the Jazz Messengers and Freddie HUBBARD. Like in Jazz movies, we set up the deal at the small's around some red wine. The line up will be composed of: Jerome JENNINGS (Drums) a very talented drummer that i recommend the work of, Chris SMITH on the double bass, our french colleague Jeremy BRUN on keys, A great flutist Carlos JIMENEZ and the versatile percussionist of Eddie PALMIERI Orlando VEGA. On vocals we set up an appointment with Donald SMITH (the brother on Lonnie liston SMITH) that sings, for instance. on the tittle expansions but then.............(i know breath taking right?)

To be continued......