Story telling 1 - Our first recording! (2)

(...)For that first session, we decided to gather the whole team in a cafe and then to go altogether at - Studio de MEUDON - a marvelous studio that comes with a great atmosphere and  nice pianos.

The cars are packed up and then we leave the cafe. Around 11 am we are entering the studio. Everything is fine until i discover, i forgot my trumpet at the cafe (F.... musician brain!)  fortunately i have the scores with me. 12:30 all the mics are set up, i have my trumpet back and we can start the session.

Production wise, we decided to do 2 or 3 takes by track in order to keep the interpretation fresh and some spontaneity during the solos, since then i always kept that format and i really recommend it, if you can have great musicians with you.

I recall during a break asking Arnold, our percussionist, what were those scarves on his arms, he answered me that he was trying, at the time, to separate two guys arguing about a crack deal and one of those guys had a machete. He thought his percussionist career was over and it took him several months to recover. (i suddenly had the feeling that the most dangerous thing i had done in my life,  was to make some water boil.....).

This album will be completed with a second session several month after where Jeremy BRUN will join on the keys and where Arnold will do some marvelous vocal - vaudou - percussion called  "Boulagueul" (mostly from the Caribbean islands).  John' s sound will strike me during the session, he is one of the few drummers, you can remember the sound of. All the other musicians were great too and i thank them for that.

I will then put Antoine and Franck DESCOLLONGES in contact and the "Gang des lyonnais" A.K.A "Heavenly sweetness" will be on.

For the second story telling, we will write about our first album in New york city: how we organized  our search for Harry WHITAKER, how we booked a vocal session with Donald SMITH and also how it all collapsed....(TBC)