The music doesn’t always swagger, That sh... swings hard!

Stephane Ronget, known as RONGETZ, is a French music composer, producer and trumpeter, now living in New York City (United States). He graduated in trumpet and jazz history from The National Conservatory of Lyon in France, gold medal awarded by Didier LOCKWOOD.

From the beginning of the 2000s, RONGETZ became involved in a variety of jazz crossover projects. His first successful band was Metropolitan Jazz Affair, which released two albums and several 12- and 7-inch vinyls. The band is featured in over 40 compilation albums.

In 2007, Rongetz started a new project called The Rongetz Foundation. The initial idea was to record live, original compositions, while bringing together musicians from disparate horizons and generations. With the help of the label Heavenly Sweetness (Franck Descollonges, Vincent Quittard, Antoine RAJON) The Rongetz Foundation released five albums. That project led Rongetz to record with members of bands, such as, The Jazz MessengersEddie Palmieri Orchestra,Charles Mingus Big Band, The RH Factor, Frank Zappa's group, Steve TurreGary BartzGregory PorterDan TepferKevin HaysLeo GenoveseSlavic Soul Party.


   With the RONGETZ Foundation (Labels: Heavenly Sweetness, Brooklyn Butterfly Sound, Wagram)

  • The Rongetz Foundation presents Slavic soul party (EP) 2016
  • Noctantropes and folk songs (with Dan Tepfer, Kevin Hays, Leonardo Genovese, Mathis Picard) (LP) 2016
  • Kiss kiss double jab (with Gary BARTZ) (LP) 2015
  • Kiss kiss double jab (with Gary BARTZ) (EP) 2014
  • Spanning will (with DJ  - Blanka) (EP) 2013
  • Brooklyn Butterfly Session (with Gregory PORTER) (LP) 2012
  • GoGo Soul (EP) 2012
  • Broken Doll Beat (LP) 2010
  • Zap Carnivorous (EP) 2010
  • Simone (EP) 2010
  • First Step (LP) 2008
  • East (EP) 2008
  • Almost (EP) 2006

   With the Metropolitan Jazz Affair (Labels: Dreyfus Jazz, Infracom, Le Son du Maquis, Wagram)

  • MJA (LP) 2003
  • Bird of Spring (LP) 2007
  • Find a Way (EP) 2007